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Jennifer Grey on the 25th Anniversary of 'Dirty Dancing'

On the 25th Anniversary of her hit 'Dirty Dancing' actress Jennifer Grey gives us her take on what made the movie so successful.

Jennifer Grey Talks about Spinal Surgery

Renown actress, Jennifer Grey talks about her injury and minimally invasive neck surgery and rehab. After surgery Grey went on ...

Jennifer Grey Revealed The Real Reason Her Career Spectacularly Derailed

Actress Jennifer Grey played one of the most iconic roles of the '80s in hit movie Dirty Dancing. Indeed, she even earned a ...



Jennifer Grey about Dirty Dancing (1987)

Jennifer Grey talks about Dirty Dancing in 1987.

Patrick Swayze Talks About Working With Jennifer Grey On DIRTY DANCING

Patrick Swayze talks about working with actress Jennifer Grey on the film DIRTY DANCING. Subscribe to this channel for more ...

Jennifer Grey about Dirty Dancing (2007)

Jennifer Grey talks about Dirty Dancing in 2007.

The Last Emperor Wins Original Score: 1988 Oscars

Ryuichi Sakamoto, David Byrne, Cong Su win Original Score for The Last Emperor at the 60th Academy Awards. Patrick Swayze ...

Jennifer Grey & Derek - Last 4 Dances & 5 Dirty Dancing Flashbacks

DWTS Weeks 9 & 10 (monday) Cha Cha Cha, Waltz, Paso Doble & Free Style..

Broadway Star Joel Grey Takes Us Inside His Magnificent Home

Joel Grey is a man of many talents — he excels at acting, singing, dancing, writing, directing, and photography. Currently, he is ...

Charlie Sheen meets Jennifer Grey (Ferris Bueller's Day Off '86)

Monetized by Paramount Pictures Video source: Blu-ray Disc.

John Hughes/Matthew Broderick/Jennifer Grey- Interview (Ferris Bueller) 1986 [RITY Archive]

Reelin' In The Years Productions has available for licensing over 20000 hours of music footage spanning 90 years. Additionally ...

Jennifer Grey On Her Father Coming Out | The Meredith Vieira Show

Jennifer Grey shares the reaction she had to her dad, Joel, coming out as a gay man at 82 years old. Be sure to like and comment ...

Interview with Jennifer Grey and Brad Savage

Junket interview with Jennifer Grey and Brad Savage regarding the film Red Dawn. Conducted circa September 1984. Interview ...

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