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interview Catriona MacColl and Alan Delabie about Denard

interview with Catriona MacColl for " Denard " Anatomy of An Antihero prequel.

Catriona MacColl & David Warbeck at Eurofest 1996

This interview with actress Catriona MacColl (The Gates of Hell, The Beyond, The House by the Cemetery) at Eurofest' 96 is ...

The Beyond (1981) Interviews about Lucio Fulci

A DVD special feature about the life and films of Lucio Fulci. Taken from The Beyond (1981) dvd release.

Chattering with Catriona MacColl

Catriona MacColl, is star of 'Lady Oscar' and films directed by Lucio Fulci, 'The Beyond', 'City of the Living Dead' and 'House by ...

Catriona MacColl Q & A part 1

This is part 1 of the Q&A Catriona MacColl did at Celluloid Screams in sheffield last weekend. She tells intimate details of working ...

interview with Catriona McColl part 2

my interview with Catriona McColl part 2.

Catriona MacColl - l'actrice parle de sa collaboration avec Lucio Fulci (2017)

Films abordés : Frayeurs / City Of The Living Dead (1980) L'au Delà / The Beyond (1981) Ma chaine (my channel) ...


Catriona Maccoll star of Lucio Fulci movies, in Paris at the Absurde Scéance, for the screening of THE BEYOND.

Entrevista en EXCLUSIVA a Catriona MacColl

Entrevista a Catriona MacColl, en el Festival TerrorSabadell 2015.

Catriona MacColl - Career

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Catriona MacColl & John Morghen Q&A Session Part 1

Catriona MacColl & John Morghen (aka: Giovanni Lombardo Radice) live at the WEEKEND OF HORRORS III, Dec., 9th, 2007, ...

Catriona MacColl Q & A part 2

Here's part 2 of Catriona MacColl's Q&A at Celluloid Screams horror festival , Sheffield. There's loads of interesting stuff to be ...

Lucio Fulci at Eurofest 1994 (full)

In this video interview with Italian horror director Lucio Fulci, also called as "The Godfather of Gore". He speaks Italian, and his ...

TPB: Catriona MacColl

As a bonus interview, Mike spoke with Catriona MacColl about her work with Jacques Demy on Lady Oscar as well as Lucio Fulci ...

Catriona MacColl with a special message to her fans.

Catriona MacColl, star of Lucio Fulci's THE BEYOND, HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY and CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD, sends this ...

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