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Carrie Genzel 9th Annual Indie Series Awards Red Carpet

Subscribe! Exclusive broll footage: Carrie Genzel walks the red carpet at the 9th annual Indie Series Awards ...

Carrie Genzel SPN Indy - J2 Story

9-21-18, from the Giving Back Tour. Carrie Genzel (Linda Bloom from the Season 11 episode "Just My Imagination") tells a funny ...

Embracing Your Superpower - Carrie Genzel & IMAlive

We asked actor, creator and writer Carrie Genzel what her Superpower is. Let her answer empower you to find your own ...


The lovely Carrie Genzel will be joining us! Carrie has appeared in many films and TV series including Watchmen, Jennifer's Body ...

Carrie Genzel on The Zarian Forum

Carrie Genzel talks about The Ballerina And The Rocking Horse on The Zarian Forum.

The WSE Lounge Exclusive Interview with Actress Carrie Genzel from All My Children

The WSE Lounge Exclusive Interview with Actress Carrie Genzel from All My Children and The Movie Jennifer's Body.

Carrie Genzel - All My Children 90s

Carrie Genzel - All My Children 90s.

Urban Rush Interview

An interview with Carrie Genzel on Urban Rush on Shaw TV is Vancouvers award winning entertainment talk show hosted by ...

Carrie Genzel Host Demo

Representation: Tyman Stewart at The Characters Talent Agency email: [email protected] phone: (604) 733-9800 ext.

Family Don't End With Blood book release party at The Study Hollywood 5/10/17

In this video: 00:01:30 Introduction by editor Lynn Zubernis (@FangasmSPN) 00:04:43 chapter commentary from Ruth Connell ...

Carrie Genzel - The Wishing Tree (Selected Scenes)

REPRESENTATION: The Characters Talent Agency Tyman Stewart 604 733 9800 PERSONAL ...

There Is Always Me 2019

This year we saw amazing cards, notes and letters left for strangers to find. Thank you to everyone who participated and left their ...

Carrie Genzel on Under One Roof - "Thug Jr."

Carrie Genzel plays a mother and wife to a family who seems hell bent on ruining her perfect little world. (SERIES LEAD)

Rapid Fire Round with David Deluise!

This is the first of three videos I'll be releasing with David Deluise! He has had a long and awesome career, but I know him best ...

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