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We chat with Slumber Party Massacre's, Brinke Stevens

What a pleasure it was chatting with Scream Queen, Brinke Stevens at Shock Stock! Special thanks to: www.

Brinke Stevens interview

Actress, played Pandora in the 2018 short film "Personal Demons," is an ex-wife of the "The Rocketeer" creator Dave Stevens.

Brinke Stevens Michelle Bauer Fred Olan Ray and Ted Bohus Part One

Original Scream Queens and Directors Chiller Theater April 25th, 2015 1pm Panel featuring Brinke Stevens Michelle Bauer Fred ...

Fango talks to Linnea Quigley, Michelle Bauer, and Brinke Stevens

Fangoria sat down with Linnea Quigley, Brinke Stevens, and Michelle Bauer to talk horror, the life of a Scream Queen, and the ...

Brinke Stevens "Die Sister, Die!" Interview

80's Scream Queen Brinke Stevens interview on the set of the 2013 remake of "Die Sister, Die!". A Dustin Ferguson Film.

The Brinke Stevens Halloween Special by Rodd Matsui

This video marks the first time Brinke Stevens and Rodd Matsui have worked together since the "Dark Romances" project in 1986.

Brinke Stevens: Setting A "President" with the Queen of Scream!

Genre legend Brinke Stevens has had a busy couple of years! Here the eternally kind, always talented goddess talks with Big Gay ...

"Around The Town Live (Aug. 1990)," Guest Brinke Stevens, Actress

Scream Queen actress Brinke Stevens visits the set of "Around the Town Live with Ken Boxer" during August of 1990. Brinke ...

Linnea Quigley, Brinke Stevens & Michelle Bauer on The Jenny Jones Show

Linnea Quigley, Brinke Stevens & Michelle Bauer on The Jenny Jones Show - Does anybody have the rest of the full segment??

Dark Romances Vol 1 (Brinke Stevens)

Since I can not monetize if you want to help out the channel please do so here. Or paypal ...

Riverbank ShockerFest 2008: Interview of Brinke Stevens

Agis261 interviews the ultimate scream queen, Brinke Stevens, who has acted in over 100 movies, such as Sideshow, Jack-O, ...

Bar Spirits Trailer Brinke Stevens Jen Sharlow

Trailer of film I wanted to make before I had my heart attacks. I own no copyright on music, just the video.

A Tribute to Brinke Stevens (HQ)

Scream Queen:

Brinke Stevens in "No Rest For The Wicked" (trailer)

This is a promotional trailer for G.F. Watkins' original play for video, "No Rest For The Wicked". A project that dates back to 1984, ...

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