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Joan rivers vs Brigitte nielsen full interview(hilarious)

Cringe throughout this interview of Brigitte Nielsen by Joan Rivers, watch as they give each other evil eyes, your just waiting for a ...

BRIGITTE NIELSEN - TV2 go' morgen danmark 27.10.09

Gitte Nielsen Stallone presents her book titled "Gitte Nielsen - Du har kun ét liv - sådan fandt jeg tilbage til mig selv".

'Creed II' Star Brigitte Nielsen: Sylvester Stallone Was A “Horrible Husband”

Brigitte Nielsen opens up about her marriage to ex-husband Sly Stallone, saying that, although he is a very talented person and ...

Brigitte Nielsen on Filming 'Creed II' 7 Months Pregnant | In Studio

'Creed II' star Brigitte Nielsen joins THR in studio to talk about the highly anticipated sequel, filming while pregnant, and ...

Interview biographie de Birgitt Nielsen - Archive INA

Thierry ARDISSON reçoit la très exhubérante Birgitt NIELSEN, ex femme de Silvester STALLONE. Il raconte son parcours : elle ...

Grace Jones - The Joan Rivers Show

Another interview with Grace Jones and Joan Rivers. They're quite the pair.

Brigitte Nielsen interview

Thomas Gottschalk interview, German TV. Funkausstellung Berlin, 1987.

Podge & Rodge Interview Brigitte Nielsen

Podge & Rodge Interview Brigitte Nielsen.

BBC Breakfast Sian & Bill - An interview with Brigitte Nielsen - 2011

Whoa..! Brigitte Nielsen stands 2metres 2 with shoes on,WT F..!! After the interview, siren Sian asks.."What is the question?

Brigitte Nielsen Talks About Losing Her Baby Weight in Just Two Weeks | Loose Women

Subscribe now for more! This year Hollywood star Brigitte Nielsen had a baby girl at the age of 54. She talks ...

"BRIGITTE NIELSEN STALLONE " 80's Interview on Photoshoot For AnnaClub by Canale Moda

"BRIGITTE NIELSEN STALLONE " Interview on Photoshoot For AnnaClub by Canale Moda Brigitte Nielsen (born 15 July 1963) is ...

indra & Brigitte Nielsen interview

Interview de la chanteuse Indra & Brigitte Nielsen.

Brigitte Nielsen On Childbirth At Age 54

The 'Creed II' actress defied odds by having a baby girl at the age of 54, and she's telling Larry all about it! Larry King and Brigitte ...

TV2 go' aften danmark 27.10.09 BRIGITTE NIELSEN

gitte nielsen presents her auto-biography "Du Har Kun Et Liv" (You Only Live Once).

Brigitte Nielsen @ The Arsenio Hall Show

back in 1991..she was engaged to photographer/director Sebastian Copeland, Orlando Bloom's cousin.

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