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'Saw IV' Interview 'Saw IV' Interview Paris Hampton interviews Tobin Bell and Betsy Russell on 'Saw IV'. For more ...

Avenging Angel (exploitation cult classic 1985 ) - interview with Betsy Russell

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Interview: Saw 3D's Betsy Russell

Betsy Russell talks about the Saw franchise and the final film.

Avenging Angel (1985) Full Movie

Released by New World Pictures, 1985. Starring Betsy Russell, Rory Calhoun, Robert F. Lyons, Steven M. Porter, Ossie Davis, ...

Betsy Russell Interview - "Saw 3D The Final Chapter"

Interview with Betsy Russell about the final "Saw" movie, "Saw 3D The Final Chapter," horror fans, and her favorite kill in the horror ...

Betsy Russell Interview - Saw 5

Actress Betsy Russell talks about working on Saw 5 and whether she watches horror films, including the Saw movies.

Exclusive Motor City Comic Con 2011 Betsy Russell "Saw" Interview

An exclusive Motor City Comic Con 2011 Betsy Russell "Saw" interview. Betsy Russell portrayed Jill Tuck in "Saw III", "Saw IV", ...

The Gregory Mantell Show -- Brooke Adams / Betsy Russell

Brooke Adams made the transition from movie star--in films like "Days of Heaven" with Richard Gere--to painter. Plus, actress ...

Saw 3D Interviews - New York Comic Con 2010

Media Junkyard interviews some of the cast and crew of Saw 3D. Cast members include Cary Elwes, Betsy Russell, Costas ...

Betsy Russell interviewed by gina Hendrix, matchmaking guru

Betsy being interviewed by Gina Hendrix matchmaking guru, talking about dating, beauty tips and more!

Sen Winder talks with Betsy Russell

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Winder talks with Betsy Russell of the Idaho Press about transgender legislation, proposed city ...

Cast of SAW3D interviewed at UPSTAIRS for Top 20 Countdown

Betsy Russell and Cary Elwes interviewed at the rooftop lounge Upstairs at the Kimberly Hotel,


Betsy Russell who plays Jigsaw's wife was romanced by Tobin Bell to get into their characters' marriage before shooting began.

Python's Paradise #22 - 2016-01-19: Betsy Russell Interview .mp4

Betsy Russell Interview: Saw 3 - 3D as Jill Tuck. Reflections on Private School, Avenging Angel, Tomboy, and Cheerleader Camp!

Superboy is given a warning by Betsy Russell (SERENE THE ANDROID) in SUPERBOY (Season 2).

Clark Kent can't fool an andriod. From season 2 of Superboy, The TV Series. This clip is from the episode "Superboy...Rest in ...

Betsy Russell American Actress Biography & Lifestyle

Quick Facts KNOWN FOR Jordan, Leigh‑Jenson NICKNAME: Betsy FULL NAME: Elizabeth Russell PROFESSION: Actress, ...

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