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Atsuko Okatsuka deals with a Nip Slip on Stage

Atsuko deals with a wardrobe malfunction during her comedy album taping.

Margaret Cho with Jenny Yang & Atsuko Okatsuka

Margaret Cho is presented with a Certificate of Commendation by comedians Atsuko Okatsuka of Disoriented Comedy. Listen to ...

Atsuko Okatsuka Acting Reel - 2017

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Let's Go, Atsuko! Ep. 2: Atsuko Learns AERIAL

So for our first year wedding anniversary, I learned a new thing: AERIAL. To present to my husband, unbeknownst to him.

Fumi Abe on First Romantic Encounter w/ Asian Woman | Asian Not Asian

EPISODE 108 - Hye Yun Park Subscribe NOW to our YouTube Channel: Listen to Asian, Not Asian Podcast!

SDAFF on Shades of San DIego, 2/4

Shades of San Diego interviews "Littlerock" cast Atsuko Okatsuka and Cory Zacharia Courtesy of the San Diego Asian Film ...

"Coming Out" As Asian | Asian Not Asian

Fumi explains his theory about how Asian-Americans have to "come out" as Asian and reclaim their identity in their 20s. Subscribe ...


What would happen if Marie Kondo was Japanese American For more info on Comedian Atsuko Okatsuka: ...

Introducing | Jenny Yang | WHOHAHA

We're following four badass comedians through their everyday lives as they work, play, and blow audiences away. The comedy ...

Let's Go, Atsuko! A (woke) Japanese Game Show March 25th in LA!

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Disoriented Comedy - EWP Visionary Awards 2017

East West Players 51stVisionary Awards. IdeateTV host Rachel Michiko Whitney interviews D'Lo, Atsuko Okatsuka, and Jenny ...

Bowen Yang on the "Asian voice" | Asian Not Asian

EPISODE 83 - I Don't Think So, Oppa! (Feat. Bowen Yang, SNL) Subscribe NOW to our YouTube Channel: ...

unifi TV: Comedy Central Stand-Up Asia! S2 ep.8 (Comedy Central HD Channel 609) [HD]

Comedy Central Stand-Up, Asia! Every Tue, 8.55PM On HyppTV Comedy Central HD Ch 609 and Hypp Play Ch 830.

Put Your Boyfriend To Work At Target: Efficient Shopping!

"I'll get the things on the higher shelves while you get the lower shelves..."

"New York Subway Artist" with Joey Guila

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