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SDCC 2019 INTERVIEW: Ruth Connell and Alaina Huffman from 'Supernatural’

'Supernatural' favorites Ruth Connell and Alaina Huffman talked with us at San Diego Comic-Con about the hit series ending, ...

Q&A Alaina Huffman @ F.A.C.T.S Ghent - Sunday 23 Oct. 2016

This is the Q&A from Sunday at F.A.C.T.S convention Belgium with Alaina Huffman (Supernatural - Stargate Universe - Smallville).

NJCon 2019 Alaina Huffman Full Panel Supernatural

Alaina's twitter - ---- my tip jar - paypal link is: (50 ...

NJCon 2019 Alaina Huffman and Ruth Connell Full Panel Supernatural

Alaina's twitter - Ruth's twitter - ---- my tip jar ...

Interview with Alaina Huffman

FanCity 2012 navštívila herečka, modelka Alaina Huffman, kterou mnozí z Vás znají ze seriálu StarGate Universal.

Alaina Huffman & Julia Benson Talk 'Stargate' & The Future

Alaina Huffman (Lt. Tamara Johansen) & Julia Benson (2nd Lt. Vanessa James) talk 'Stargate' & the future [tags]: Stargate ...

'Supernatural' Actress Alaina Huffman

You've seen her play Abaddon on "Supernatural" on CW Rochester - now, actress Alaina Huffman joins us to talk about her ...

Alaina Huffman Interview - All-Star Comic Con

We had a chance to talk with the wonderful Alaina Huffman about her work and upcoming projects at All-Star Comic Con.

Alaina Huffman - Supernatural NJcon 2019

Supernatural New Jersey Convention 2019.

Alaina Huffman Interview - SGU Stargate Universe

Interview with actress Alaina Huffman from SGU Stargate Universe, the show, the passion of the fans, and playing Lt. Tamara ...

ALAINA HUFFMAN & JOE FLANIGAN (Stargate) - Fan Expo Vancouver 2018 - Panel

Alaina Huffman & Joe Flanigan from the Stargate Universe at Fan Expo Vancouver on Oct 14, 2018. (There are a few breaks in ...

Suanne Braun and Alaina Huffman from Stargate with Nerdzilla

Andrew Hogan from Nerdzilla chats with two of the deadly women from the Stargate series. They talk about mispronouncing ...

Smallville's Alaina Huffman at Silicon Valley Comic Con 8/17/19

Outtake from episode # 724:Actress Alaina Huffman who played the Black Canary on the TV series Smallville.

Supernatural 200: Alaina Huffman (Abaddon) Interview

Interview with Alaina Huffman who played Abaddon on The CW's Supernatural, at the Supernatural 200th Episode Fan Party.

Alaina Huffman Amateur Interview Part 1 - Armageddon Expo Melbourne

Part 1 of my Armageddon Expo Interview with Alaina Huffman, best known for her roles on Stargate Universe and Smallville had ...

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